Galleria Verolino also offers a restoration service for antique and contemporary artefacts. Prompt action in response to even minor deterioration can prevent major damage, without compromising the beauty of the piece. The key factor is to get the job done by experts.
Two different types of restoration are available:

Reinstates, with the utmost precision, any areas that have worn out as a result of molecular decay of the fibres. Replenishes the residual material, increasing the density of any damaged areas, using yarn that is a uniform match for the original yarn. Also solves routine maintenance problems, such as securing the fringes, consolidating the edges and selvedges, and dealing with damage caused by clothes moths.

The aim of conservative restoration is to consolidate the artefact as a whole, stop any damage caused by the passage of time, and restore body to the piece without any reconstruction.



As well as using a carpet-sweeper to remove dust from your carpets on a daily basis, it is advisable to wash your carpets. This is a complex operation that requires specific tools and know-how.

The fibres of which carpets are made are natural and are not damaged by water, provided it is used in the right quantity. Carpets also require natural drying.

Galleria Verolino uses the services of a specialist laboratory that undertakes manual carpet washing, using appropriate methods and non-invasive natural products.

Washing is followed by drying and flattening. It is important to avoid restoring the original structure too quickly or stretching the carpet irregularly during these processes. This eliminates any risk of colour loss or damage, thus ensuring the highest standards of protection for your precious artefacts.